Study Abroad with University of Wollongong


JAN2021 While Australian borders remain closed;  the University of Wollongong (UOW) is monitoring the changing situation and will communicate with you about the possibility of travel to Australia as details emerge.
UOW is committed to ensuring any disruption to our students’ education is minimised when studying remotely. We have successfully delivered a quality remote learning experience throughout 2020 and have designed several  student-focused initiatives for students who choose to study remotely in 2021  until travel restrictions change.
10% Full Fee Paying Offshore Remote Bursary
Full fee-paying coursework students who are offshore and studying subjects remotely will receive a 10% bursary for these subjects.
This bursary is available for students who have enrolled to study onshore in Session 1 2021, but due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, have not been able to travel to Australia and have elected to study remotely.
Deposit Instalments
Students commencing at UOW in Session 1, 2021 can now secure their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) with an AUD $5,000 deposit. A valid CoE will allow students to commence the online enrolment process and apply for a visa. The remaining portion of the deposit will be due prior to the Census date of the starting session.
Reduced Study Load
To give students greater flexibility, UOW is allowing eligible Session 1 commencers to reduce their study load for Session 1 2021*. Students who are impacted by COVID-19 can apply to reduce their study load for the session in order to get started with their course and balance study with other commitments.
After initial enrolment, students must apply for a study load reduction and should consult with their Faculty on impacts to course progression prior to making any decisions.

NOV2020 New Major in B. Commerce : Business Analytics. You will gain the skills to succeed in the world of big data; how to analyse large volumes of data to support decision making across all areas of business.

NOV2020 New Major in B. Commerce : Sport Marketing and Management. You will develop the skills to lead and manage sporting careers and businesses, and gain insights into how successful sport management organisations should be designed and run.

OCT2020 UOW is offering free packaged English courses. UoW is offering up to 30 eligible students the chance to win a packaged English course for free. Students will experience remotely delivered lectures in preparation for their academic program at UoW or UoW College.


january, 2021