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About Us - Study Abroad with Lawand Education

Study abroad offers you unlimited opportunities. As education is the most important investment you will ever make in your life.

The first step in your higher educational journey abroad is to select from a very wide choice of programs from the world’s universities and educational institutions.

You have to be sure that the educational choice will satisfy your needs and aspirations, in terms of your career and life choices.

Lawand Education has a unique history of assisting highly motivated candidates who aspire to pursue opportunities to study, and eventually make a life, around the world. Throughout our history, our highly qualified counsellors have served thousands of students from all parts of the globe.

Our efficient processes, the backbone of which is a proprietary state-of-the-art software system, allow our knowledgeable counsellors to uniquely match excellent study options with the student’s interests, passions, and goals, and to track the steps of the student’s application phase and progression in their selected educational journey. All applications are vigorously vetted through our quality control team, before submission to the institution.

We do this within the guidelines of Australia’s ESOS Code of Practice and USA’s NAFSA Statement of Ethical Principals, and we are committed to our core values.

Lawand Education offers you, the aspiring international student, the full range of services to assist you with your study abroad journey. #studyabroad

What We Do For You in our Study Abroad Program

  • analysis of your requirements
  • advice on suitable pathway
  • selection of a matching institution
  • application and issuance of offer
  • conversion of offer to Confirmation of Enrolment
  • assistance with visa application, and all the pre-departure needs
  • onshore assistance through our network of branches
  • constant contact with you, and guidance when required, as you progress though your program
  • *arrange for arrival services
  • *map out your legal and practical pathway and obligations for your post-study work experience
  • *guide you and assist you with finding suitable post-study employment
  • *guide and apply for your post-study visa
  • *guide and apply for your Permanent Residency
  • *guide and apply for your citizenship
  • *guide you in helping bringing your loved ones to be with you

             *means it is an additional service that you may require, which attracts an additional charge

We are guided by our core objective of being “With You, from Beginning to End” and offering the most complete, appropriate product and the best possible service, to you.

What Drives Us

We believe that every human being has goals and ambitions in mind, which require strong and experienced guidance. We are here to help you gain intellectual expertise, and to be “With you, from Beginning to End”.

We believe that our Study Abroad educational services and support are not only a business : we believe we are becoming a part of a bright new world – we like to be part of, and to contribute to, the building of a nation.

We believe that word of mouth is the best form of advertising even though it is the hardest way, but it is stable and more effective in any market and we have achieved it through our quality and timely service.

Students are the most important part of any society; it would fair to say that they are the building blocks of a society. It is also acknowledged that student life is often the most exciting part of one’s life. Life on campus is full of so many happenings and discoveries : lectures, exams, social gatherings, class presentations, performance pressure, competition, field trips, relationships and much more.

Everyone has the right to extract the most out of student life and to make it pleasantly memorable. This can be done by achieving and maintaining physical and mental health and creating a fine balance in life.

Lawand Education Study Abroad counsellors play a very important role in guiding aspiring students to their aims and dreams.

This service helps students to overcome their personal, academic and social problems and to flourish in life.


In 1995, Lawand Tourism pioneered inbound tourism from the Arabian Gulf Countries to Australia and it has retained market dominance through continuous evolvement.  With offices on the ground in both the markets and the destinations,

Lawand Tourism catered to the needs of Middle Eastern tourists, throughout their holidays in Australia, for many years.  The Lawand branding is entrenched within the trade and the public in the markets and within the industry in Australia.  In 2001, Lawand Tourism augmented its core services by offering English Language courses.  This sowed the seeds for the creation of Lawand Education.

In 2006 Lawand Education was formed to follow the steps of Lawand Tourism and adopt similar principals to those that made its sister company successful. Initially focusing on the Arab market and offering Australian and New Zealand Education services, Lawand Education extended its service offering to cover Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America, and other destinations.

From the outset, Lawand Education established a solid foundation and was one of only 5 approved education agents by Australian and Saudi authorities. In 2009, Lawand Education established its presence in Libya through its connection with the former head of the Libya Africa Fund. 

Lawand Education executed 2 important human capital development projects in 2012 by evaluating and matching the best educational options for a major Saudi ministry and the main Saudi medical emergency authority.

Since 2014, new efforts were placed on developing a larger recruitment base outside of the MENA region, so Lawand Education expanded its source markets to now include Iran, South Asia, and Africa. Now boasting a large range of educational programs of over 1,000 different major choices including 8 different levels of study at destinations across all major time zones.

Over the years, Lawand Education has handled more than 2,000 students from 35 different nationalities, at 128 institutions in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Malaysia, Germany, Holland, and UAE.

Lawand Education’s staff alumni is impressive : many former employees have moved on to achieve
great success in high ranking roles around the world.

Other Study Aborad Business Activities

  • Student counseling relating to tertiary institutions and course options, language testing, and pre-requisites. To give consultation and advice to clients who are interested in studying overseas, both with reference to the Study Abroad course and institution but also the destination
  • Co-ordination with the tertiary institutions, scholarship providers and the relevant immigration authorities on behalf of the student until the confirmation of enrolment and the visas are issued for departure
  • Pre-departure briefing to students, prior to departure to their study destination.  This includes relevant information about their study destination, University systems, visa requirements, common rules, culture info, climate info etc
  • Arrangements by Lawand Education staff before the student reaches their study destination, including but not limited to accommodation, health cover, airport pick-up, bank account, mobile phone number etc.
  • Counseling services extended to Lawand Education onshore offices, for students considering a Study Abroad course or institution change or for students with study difficulties.  A specialist team of Student Counsellors are responsible for ensuring all students are enrolled in the appropriate courses and institutions.  All recommendations/actions are communicated clearly and promptly, with the relevant bodies, including sponsors and parents.
  • Permanent presence of the Lawand Education “Student support team”, renowned for its student care services (academic or otherwise)
  • Promoting/ marketing the programs for international educators
  • Consulting/organizing short training courses according to the special requirements of clients.
  • Arranging short training courses and study tours for adults, staff, high ranking officers from companies, firms, non-profit organizations, social organizations, government bodies to upgrade language skills and/or professional skills
  • Consultation about Education development and investment projects
  • Language training


Advantages of Franchising

  • Know set-up costs
  • Access to existing brand, products and operating systems
  • Franchisor brand and support can reduce chances of business failure and maximise the probability of business success
  • Customer awareness of brand, its products and services
  • Centrally organised marketing and brand promotions
  • Training in the operation of the business
    Ongoing advice, guidance and support from franchisor
  • Advice & support from fellow franchisees

Why Lawand Education ?

  • LE’s franchise has low start up : typically, the start-up costs are > $250k for retail, $50-60k for services.  LE’s start up costs are about $10-15k, depending on how much you want to spend on your office fit-out and infrastructure
  • International Education is a clean, exciting industry – you get to deal with highly motivated and talented clients who have high aspirations, and your role is to facilitate and expedite these aspirations and dreams
  • There is no weekend work, just normal office hours i.e. good balance of work & social time, unlike retail or other physical services
  • We will provide you with excellent support, training, and mentoring, and network
  • We take away unwanted tasks, such as invoicing and accounts receivable, product development, back-office tasks (such as application processing, etc), optionally also bookkeeping. So you only have to focus on driving business through your door !
  • You will join an established brand, sales & marketing, training, accounting & admin, support, etc.

Tips to consider

  • Don’t underestimate costs & capital.  Visualise it as the runway with a plane taking off : the runway is the liquid capital until the plane is self-sustaining and gets off the ground
  • Double the estimate of the liquid capital required – don’t underestimate the funding you will need (runway example)
  • Sales and marketing is the lifeblood of any business.  In addition to our sales and marketing efforts, you can design and undertake local level sales and marketing activities, within the agreed territories, but it has to be communicated and approved by LE before its implementation
  • This opportunity will suit someone who possesses genuine customer service skills and likes dealing with people, has good sales and counselling skills, is passionate about helping others, and is committed and profit-driven
  • Honestly evaluate that this opportunity matches your skills, experience, goals, and personality
  • Make sure you have a passion for business – don’t just follow your passion (eg golfer) to buy a franchise, but expect to work hard – don’t think buying a franchise is going to make it easy
  • Think twice if you lack sales & marketing experience, and create a strategy to fill the gap


  • Do you really like running your own business ?
  • Do you possess the drive and desire to be successful ?
  • Do you have a passion for international education ?
  • Are you a team player ?
  • Do you love interaction with people ?
  • Would you like to be in “business for yourself, but not by yourself”
If you answered yes to all the above, Please CLICK HERE to email us for more information.


Lawand Education offers you, the aspiring international student, the full range of services to assist you with your study abroad journey. #studyabroad

Admissions Counsellor


  • have the drive and desire to be successful
  • have a passion for international education
  • are a team player
    enjoy interaction with people

If you answered yes to all the above, and you would like to grow your career with a global company, send your resume with an accompanying cover letter  to admin@lawand.education for more information.