G’day everyone,

I’m Danial. I started this journey in 2018 when i received my Master degree offer from Macquarie University. Honestly, I was super exited to go abroad and continue my studying. Currently, I’m completing my second year of Master degree in electronic engineering at Macquarie university where i boosted my knowledge and made many friends. Sydney is a metropolis which is multicultural city so i met many people from different cultures and various nations. Australia is such a nice place to live not only because it has high standards of living but also it has highly ranked universities. I will also looking for an engineering position as I’ll be graduating soon.

I’m thankful to whoever supported me over this journey. First of all, my parents and then Lawand Education agency. Lawand Education team assisted me from the beginning of this journey and their effective team could get both university offer and visa on-time. Immigration is not as easy as you think… it’s a challenging process that you need support from people. Lawand Education team is a trustworthy company which will provide reliable supports to you.


Danial Bavi

Nationality : Iranian
Program : Master of Electronic Engineering
Institution : Macquarie Uni
Destination : Australia

Let me introduce myself : I am Dharma Sanjaykumar Patel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
First and foremost, I think that Lawand Education is the best thing that can happen to a student seeking assistance for further education or higher studies in foreign countries. 

My experience with the Lawand Education was very good and comfortable. Ms. Saritha Kambham gave me sound ideas about the Universities and application procedure, which was quite informative. And she helped me to get an admission and visa in one of the best universities in Australia without any hardship. 

The staff at Lawand Education are very cooperative and they will prepare a file for admission and visa with all the required documents. They also prepared me to clear telephonic interviews with the embassy and university. 

The service by Lawand Education is quick and they managed to get my admission in Charles Sturt University, Australia in just one week and solved every query or question asked by me. I would say in one word that they are well organized and with good connections and I think they are the best in this field.

Lawand Education is also a partner with many good universities. Recapitulating the above point I strongly opine that one should at least meet or visit Lawand Education before starting the process of his/her foreign education.
Thank you once again for taking care of everything : because of your expertise, I have reached and enrolled with Charles Sturt University, Australia.

PATEL, Dharma Sanjaykumar

Nationality : Indian
Program : Master of Electronic Engineering
Institution : Charles Sturt University
Destination : Australia

Hi everyone,

My name is Kasra and I had the experience of using Lawand Education services to successfully apply for a Postgraduate degree at Seneca College.
I wanna tell you guys that I was totally satisfied with the way they handled it.  Specially, miss Maria Gamini, who is an understanding type of person and compassionately followed and executed my application process to the end.
I always appreciate their honesty and professionalism.


Nationality : Iranian
Program : Master of Construction Management
Institution : Seneca College
Destination : Canada

I, Biswanath Dutta, a post graduate admit of Macquarie Graduate School of Management started my journey November 2016 with Lawand Education in Bangalore, India. 

From the very start, I am fully mentored by my counselor Saritha Madame. At first, my preference and eligibility have been checked and after finding a suitable fit, I they have suggested MGSM to me, which is the best for MBA in Australia and also 47th in the World. Then starting from my application, to my Statement of Purpose, and all other do’s and don’ts have been told to me by Lawand Education. Getting these vital tips helped my write a robust Statement of Purpose, which paved the way for my selection in MGSM. 

Whereas other educational consulting solutions stops once the candidate gets his or her desired institute, Lawand education went further and helped me getting my student VISA by facilitating all paperwork and guidance which assisted me securing an Australian Visa.

All in all, starting my selection in my dream institute to facilitating my departure to Australia, Lawand Education proved to be a ready reckoner for education journey for any aspiring candidate. 

I therefore fully endorse and recommend Lawand Education for a pathway to achieving a dream education.

DUTTA, Biswanath

Nationality : Indian
Program : MBA
Institution : Macquarie University
Destination : Australia

This is my feeling about trust to Lawand education, who are really working hard on my process.  First of all, I should say without Miss Maria Gamini, nothing could be done properly. She was a really kind, patient guide and hard working in her job. I graduated in Urban Design (MA) but I needed a short course to get into Canada.  They recognized from all my documents, and of course my IELTS score, that I need an English Course before I can get through to my main subject. 

In addition, I went to Fanshawe College in London Ontario, such a friendly and lovely college that I have never had before. So, I finished 400 hours of level 8 and 9 in academic English. Besides, the English course was really helpful to me in how I can communicate with new friends, classmates, and teachers who come from multiple cultures.

At the end, I will suggest Lawand Education to everyone who wants to immigrate abroad. Because they are really sophisticated in their job.

Special thanks to Pouria Sanaeeha management of Lawand office in Tehran.

Best regards to Lawand Team

Fataneh Farmani

Nationality : Iranian
Program : Master of Architecture
Institution : Fanshawe College
Destination : Canada

Every decision requires searching and comparing. when you make the right decision you will realize how much you have progressed in life.

After a lot of research, I found Lawand Education institution. I had an amazing experience with them during my journey to come to Canada. They support us step by step to apply for the university and get our visa. 

Being reliable is an asset. That’s what I got from Canadian culture after two years. I started from the very first step. I searched for an entirely basic job to enter the Canadian market while I was studying. I got the job(cashier) and worked there for almost one year to make a resume. Now, I’m graduated from university and with all the references that I made from day one, I’m looking for a professional job related to my major. 

And all these good events are just because of that right choice I made two years ago.

I hope it goes well:)

Parichehr Fathali

Nationality : Iranian
Program : MBA
Institution : University Canada West
Destination : Canada

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