Why Study Physiotherapy Abroad?

Wonder why Study Physiotherapy Abroad? What is the science behind physiotherapy ? Physiotherapy means learning about the process of rehabilitating people who have suffered physical trauma through therapeutic exercise and movement.  Common reasons for physical trauma include sports injuries and recovery from certain illnesses.  Since injuries differ from person to person, a physiotherapist suggests a treatment plan that the specific to the patient. Hence, this profession requires a lot of practical training and scientific knowledge.

What are the advantages of studying Physiotherapy abroad? Consider some of the reasons below to Study Physiotherapy Abroad:

  1. High-quality teaching and training

The most important of them is the high standard of teaching in countries that are known for their healthcare standards and initiatives.  If you choose a proper educational organization for Physiotherapy, you will be getting training that will be a class apart.

  1. Demand is increasing

People are inclining more and more towards Physiotherapy than traditional medication.  Why ?  Because it is an efficient treatment option and also affordable.  As a result, the demand for certified Physiotherapists has increased over recent years.  With such a global demand, a degree from a well-recognized international college/university will help you take up this profession anywhere in the world.

  1. Affordable Course

You may wish to serve in the medical field, but courses like MBBS might be very expensive and time taking for you.  Hence, Physiotherapy is an excellent option as the course is quite affordable, is of less duration than other professional medical courses.  You can serve in the field of health and medicine – without spending a fortune.

Study Physiotherapy Abroad – Courses Available

If you are planning to Study Physiotherapy Abroad Physiotherapy courses vary from country to country.  So here are a few key differences to keep in mind for major countries:

  • In the USA and Canada – in these countries, Physiotherapy comes under the title Physical Therapy.
  • UK – Undergraduate programs are either available for 3/4 years.
  • Australia and Canada – The undergraduate program takes 4 years to complete and also includes a health science year foundation program.
  1. Bachelor in Physiotherapy/ Physical Therapy/ Health Sciences- BHSc/BPhty

Duration– 3/4 years

Eligibility– Qualifying percentage in class 12 or equivalent; English Language Proficiency Score (TOEFL/IELTS)

  1. Masters In Physiotherapy

Duration– 2-4 years

Eligibility– Bachelors In Physiotherapy; English Language Proficiency Score (TOEFL/IELTS)

Study Physiotherapy Abroad – Program Structure

At the bachelor’s level,  students will learn a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.  There will also be a requirement for research studies.  The program structure will be divided into modules or electives.  Each module will have a certain number of credits attached to them.  The required number of credits should be completed by students to move to the next year of the program.  Common topics that are covered in the course are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cardiorespiratory studies
  • Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Research Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Dissertation/Project

University Offering Courses In Physiotherapy

  1. Long Island University, USA
  2. University of Hartford, USA
  3. University of Kansas, USA
  4. Arizona State University, USA
  5. Coventry University, UK
  6. University Of London City, UK
  7. St.George University of London, UK
  8. University of Kyrenia, Turkey
  9. Simon Fraser University, Canada
  10. Otago University, New Zealand
  11. University of Adelaide, Australia
  12. La Trobe University, Australia

Career Options For Physiotherapy Graduates

A physiotherapist can treat a wide range of disorders that occur due to serious trauma, accidents, and other sicknesses.  Hence, they are in huge demand today.  Numerous health clinics, hospitals, private nursing homes, and rehabilitation homes employ physiotherapists.  With a qualification from a reputed and recognized educational body and a little industry experience, graduates can also begin their private practice.  Countries such as Canada, the USA, and Australia have several career options for physiotherapists, Study Physiotherapy Abroad!

Also, people are becoming more and health-conscious.  Hence, there will be a huge demand for physical therapists to create custom exercise programs and also to ensure preventive care.

Following is a list of some career options for physiotherapists who Study Physiotherapy Abroad:

  • Sports Physiotherapist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Dance movement physiotherapist
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Health service manager
  • Health improvement practitioner
  • Osteopath
  • Personal trainer


Search for programs that best match your aspiration and eligibility to Study Physiotherapy Abroad.  Choose universities that offer practical experience and work experience.  You should also enlist what the university offers outside the classroom for you.  Since Physiotherapy is a leading profession and a very lucrative career option, think about the rankings of the university and also the wide range of specializations it offers.  Reach out to a study-abroad expert who will guide you from filling the explanation to your visa application to the 1st day at the university and then choosing what’s best for you. Connect with us on Facebook to have all the latest updates in the field.