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Here at Lawand Education, we believe that every aspiring student should have access to quality international education. To make our students' lives easier, we provide them with fast and secure study abroad advice. To eliminate the barriers that keep them from accessing our offices in person, we are now offering online service.

With this service, you will be able to consult with our counsellors online about your study abroad aspirations and complete your application process without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Take control of your educational and study abroad needs and get fast professional advice from our counsellors wherever you are.  Save yourself the trouble of travelling to a remote office. Complete the Eligibility Check for our online consultation service and receive urgent care, and personal attention, covering a large range of medical issues.

Lawand Education offers you, the aspiring international student, the full range of services to assist you with your study abroad journey. #studyabroad


LAWAND EDUCATION is an Australian private education agency and consultancy, dedicated to assisting you, the aspiring and ambitious students from Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. We have a long history of successfully providing quality and accessible international education options, since 2006.

Our only focus is to ensure that you attain your goals : to acquire world-class education, and build a bright future for yourself.


Lawand Education offers you, the aspiring international student, the full range of services to assist you with your study abroad journey. #studyabroad

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