Boost Your Qualifications,
Grow Your Future,
Through International Education

A world-class educational qualification is a major investment in your own human capital. It enables you to gain new skills, or to up-skill, or to cross-skill – depending on your current level. By acquiring your new qualification from an internationally renowned education provider, you are on your way to becoming globally employable.

Think International Education, Think Lawand Education

Lawand Education is not just another education agent !

We live by our motto, “With you, From Beginning to End”… because we know what’s important to you.

We only recommend institutions that constantly rank highly, often in the world’s top 500. We start by assisting you to obtain a confirmation of enrolment in your preferred program, at one of our partner institutions, in any one of our top destinations like USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Holland, UAE.

Having secured your confirmation of enrolment, you cannot travel to your new campus without a visa or study permit. So we prepare your visa application with utmost professionalism, to maximise your chance of visa success.

You study hard, and you successfully complete your program – congratulations ! Your newly-acquired education is but a stepping stone to your long-term goals. We know that !

We help you settle in your study destination, by guiding you through the maze of the post-study opportunities available to you, leading to your permanent residency, and eventually to your citizenship.

We are with you for the long haul ! Let us take you there…

Our Services

Lawand Education offers the full range of services to assist you, the aspiring student, with your education journey.

Analysis of your requirements

We collect and verify your qualifications and credentials, and we listen to what you want and what your ultimate goal is.

Advice on suitable pathway

We collect and verify your qualifications and credentials, and we listen to what you want and what your ultimate goal is.

Selection of a matching institution

We recommend the most suitable destination and institution that matches your requirements, qualifications and credentials

Application and issuance of offer

We take care of the arduous and often complicated application process, and secure an offer from the selected institution

Conversion of Offer

We help you accept the Offer and convert it into a Confirmation of Enrolment and attend to your essential health cover

Assistance with visa application

We guide you through the delicate and critical visa application process, and the associated country-specific rules and procedures. Optionally*, you may wish to engage a migration expert to maximise your chances.

Onshore assistance

Onshore assistance through our network of branches

Constant contact with you

Once you are at your destination, we do not forget you… we remain with you should you ever need our assistance as you progress through your journey. It is nice to know there is always someone there that cares

Additional Services

Lawand Education is bound by its mission statement of offering the most complete, appropriate product, and the best possible service, to you.

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