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Canada welcomed 450,000 new international students in 2021 ! 

Canada welcomed 450,000 new international students in 2021 !  Record numbers Last year’s total represents a doubling compared to 2015.  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) releases data on a monthly basis of new study permits that take effect. These are new students arriving to Canada as well as foreign nationals already in Canada who successfully obtained a study permit. Unsurprisingly, the period between July and August saw the most new study permits taking effect,

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Best way to get Permanent Residency in Canada

What offers you the best way to get permanent residency in Canada ? Answer : Study Abroad in Canada ! Study Abroad in Canada! Ambitious and smart individuals, like you, are always on the lookout to improve their status in life.  For the large majority of such individuals, it often means becoming a permanent resident in another country.  The question is : which country, and how ? There are many countries in the world that

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